Salvador, vivre sous Bukele

  -    -  Salvador, vivre sous Bukele

In Salvador, the gang wars have been raging for over thirty years. The country has the highest homicide rate in the world, outside war zones. Nayib Bukele, democratically elected President with 53% of the votes in 2019, aged only 37, proclaimed himself « the coolest dictator of the world ». In eight months’ time, close to 60 000 people were put into prison, in other words 2 % of the population is behind bars. Innocent and guilty people are imprisoned with the most dangerous gang members in the world.

To underline the tense atmosphere of repression in the country, the music is mainly based on harrowing sound waves.

A film by Maxime Priou & Arthur Rayssiguier & Marin Guillochon

Production : Barbara Conforti

Diffusion : Arte Reportage

Music by Nicolas Cornil