Sonam Wangchuck, the ice architect

  -    -  Sonam Wangchuck, the ice architect

Ladakh, In India, is one of the most threatened places in the world by the climate change. The melting of the ice is causing an important water shortage.

Sonam Wangchuck has found a solution to the problem by creating « ice stupas », inspired by the shape of Hindou temples to fight against drought. They call him « the ice architect ».

To bring out the catastrophic consequences of climate change in the Ladakh region, the music is mainly based on harrowing sound waves with Tibetan sensations, creating a cold, mountain atmosphere.

A film by Maxime Priou & Arthur Rayssiguier & Marin Guillochon

Production : Barbara Conforti

Diffusion : Ushaïa TV

Music by Nicolas Cornil