Amir Amira

  -    -  Amir Amira

When they come to their teens, two wooden puppets bear the burden of a strict traditional education.

This animated film tells the story of two children in a desert village of the East. As they grow up, their free will is challenged, seeing how preset their social role is and how they resemble more wooden puppets than human beings. They will however try to free themselves from their social condition and bonds. The music is composed according to the traditional oriental music codes and thus matches the setting of the film and the story itself. It also accompanies the dance steps of the two « puppets » as they fight for their freedom of choice concerning their lives.

Film by Martial ANDRE, Sara AYOUB, Benjamin CONDY, Ariane DEDULLE, Cecilia MATURI and Tatiana TCHOUMAKOVA

Music by Nicolas CORNIL, Maya AGHNIADIS, Nicolas MONTAIGNE et Arnaud PIERSON