Wild Love

  -    -  Wild Love

Out on a romantic getaway, Alan and Beverly cause a fatal accident. This crime will not remain unpunished.

A romantic walk in a mountain forest becomes a nightmare with a dramatic end.

The music starts off happy and peaceful but changes into thrilling action music as the gentle stroll turns into a wild manhunt in a stunning contrast with the opening of the film.

A film by Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Léa Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sottiaux et Corentin Yvergniaux.

Music by Nicolas Cornil


Public Award at the "International Mountain Film Festival" - Autrans - 2018


"Viewer's choice Award for Best Animated Short Film" The BoneBat Show, Comedy of horrors Film Festival - Seattle, USA - 2019


"Best Scenario" - Panam Anim Film Festival - 2019